Effective Wart Treatment

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We get rid of warts fast

Warts are unsightly, uncomfortable and can be extremely difficult to kill off. And warts that are resistant to treatment can end up costing you an arm and a leg. In short—warts suck!

It’s not really dinner party conversation but we are experts in warts. We’ve got a whole lot of information about warts on our website, which may help you with your wart problem.

But we’re also one of very few podiatry clinics trained to use an effective wart treatment called Cantharone. This is a topical treatment that causes a blister to form when applied to a wart. Cantharone is derived from blister beetles, so it’s literally beetle juice! A great movie and a great wart treatment!

You won’t experience any pain when we’re applying it, which makes it a great option — particularly for kids. For some unknown reason, only adults tend to experience mild, but very manageable, discomfort between 1 and 48 hours following application of Cantharone. After this, you’re out of the woods and don’t need to do anything until your next appointment. Best of all, in most cases Cantharone gets rid of warts faster than any other topical treatment option.

We have a few really great options for chronic warts as well! Have a look into our Swift Wart Treatment and call the team for more information.

Benefits of Cantharone

  • Adults and kids don’t experience pain during application
  • Kids don’t experience pain following application
  • You usually don’t need to do anything between appointments
  • Say goodbye to warts sooner rather than later!
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