Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation

The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world!

What is foot mobilisation and manipulation?

Health professionals all over the world have been using mobilisation and manipulation techniques for decades with great results. There is a vast array of specific techniques that can reduce stiffness and increase range of motion in the ankle and foot joints, which then enhances the way they function.

professional helping with foot mobilisation and manipulation
hands massaging foot

Foot mobilisation and manipulation at Fairfield Podiatry

Most podiatrists aren’t taught these extremely effective techniques at university. At Fairfield Podiatry, we search far and wide for new and effective treatment options to help our patients overcome foot and leg pain quickly. So we undertook training with a world leader in foot and ankle mobilisation and manipulation techniques.

Our podiatrists use gentle mobilisation and manipulation techniques in combination with exercises that maintain the benefits associated with them. This means that once you feel better, you stay better!