Is Your Child Complaining Of Heel Pain? There Is An Explanation!

Heel Pain in Children blog post.png

As children continue to grow (and grow and grow!), so do their feet. Within the 26 bones in each foot, there are many growth plates. These are not only the devils responsible for the ongoing need to upsize your child’s footwear but can also be the source of their pain.

The heel of your foot is called the calcaneus bone. During the approximate ages of 8 to 15, both girls and boys can experience pain in the large growth plates at the back of their heels - as shown in the image above. This condition is called Calcaneal Apophysitis (commonly known as Sever’s Disease - however it's not actually a disease).

Children most commonly complain of pain or discomfort after a long day at school or after sporting activities. Children who are very active on their feet are more likely to experience this issue.

The good news is that there are a number of things that can assist your child’s pain and enable them to continue playing the sports they love! Our knowledge centre has some further information about this condition.

As podiatrists, we're experts in this condition and can tailor a management plan to your child’s individual needs. To have your child assessed contact us or book an appointment online.

Author: Caitlen Martin