Dry, Cracked Heels

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dry and cracked heels

Dry, Cracked Heels

What is a dry, cracked heel?

A callus is a region of thickened skin, which can be small or quite widespread. A callus will generally cause little to no discomfort, but the location and amount of time the callus has been there will influence this.

What causes dry, cracked heels?

Dry, cracked heels are commonly caused by walking around barefooted or standing for a long time. Shoes that don’t fit well or are open in the heel region can also be the culprit. And, unfortunately, our skin gets less elastic as we get older.

Some medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, underactive thyroid gland), vitamin deficiencies and medications may also cause dry, cracked heels.

woman scrubbing her heels with a pumice
dry heel

Treatment for dry and cracked heels

Our podiatrists understand that sometimes heels aren’t what they’ve cracked up to be! We can gently and easily remove the dead skin from your heels and advise you on the most appropriate moisturiser to apply. We can also liaise with your doctor regarding the underlying cause of your heel problem and implement a rock-solid prevention plan.