Your foot bones make up a quarter of all the bones in your body!


What are chilblains?

Chilblains (AKA erythema pernio) are painful regions of discoloured skin (usually red, blue and/or purple) which are more likely to develop on our extremities during cold weather. They often cause a nasty itching or burning sensation. Our poor toes tend to cop it the most!

What causes chilblains?

As mentioned above, chilblains tend to develop on our feet after prolonged exposure to cold and damp weather. People that have reduced circulation to their extremities are more likely to be affected.

How do I prevent chilblains?

If you’re not a winter person as it is, you definitely want to avoid chilblains. It’s absolutely essential to keep your feet as warm and dry as possible. Wearing multiple layers of clothing, including socks, usually helps. Just make sure your shoes fit well. Keep active to ensure that your whole body stays warm. This will also encourage blood flow to your extremities. If your feet do get cold and damp, make sure you gradually warm them up. Going from one extreme to another will only make matters worse.

How can Fairfield Podiatry help?

At Fairfield Podiatry, we know from experience that prevention is better than cure when it comes to chilblains. We’ll ask about your previous experiences and ensure that you don’t have any holes in your prevention plan this time around.

Already developed a chilblain? No need to stress. Book now and you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to get rid of the chilblain and put a smile back on your dial as soon as possible.

Our paraffin wax bath service can be extremely helpful in the prevention and management of chilblains. Even better, it’ll end up being the most comfortable and relaxing part of your day.